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Memories of Mom

by Alexia E. Fraser


“Alexia, this is so beautiful, warm and emotional. There are parts that made me want to cry and parts that made me laugh. I really love it the way it is; I wouldn’t want to change a thing.”

- Niel Grondahl, retired CEO and engineer

“Alexia this is such a beautiful story about your mom. It makes me think about my mom and the loving relationship we had. You have inspired me to think about writing my own book. “Memories of Mom” is inspiring and motivating!

- Rhoda Myers, retired educator

“I have finished the first reading of your book. It was great and I really liked it. It will move people, and certainly will make them think about their own parents and what will happen when they get older and get sick.

“Alexia, I miss reading about your mother every night! What will I do now? LOL Your mother’s story touched me.”

- Sigrid McDonald, published author and editor

“If your mother is your best friend, you can relate to this book. And if you have lost your mother, this book is a must read. Alexia’s deep and affecting love for her ‘Mom’ is evident throughout, from the very first page to the last. ‘Memories of Mom’ is an inspired work that will take hold of your heart and never let go.”

- Edward Fraser, husband